SUNNECKO 2PCS Kitchen Knife Set

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Brand Name: Sunnecko

Product Name: 2PCS Kitchen Knife Set

Product Category: DZ Series

Blade Material:  Damascus Steel 

Handle Material: High Quality G10 Handle, use for a long time not to distort, not to shrink and not faded

Strong Hardness: 59-60HRC

Sharpness: Level of Cutting Force with 6.0-8.0N International Standard

Craft: Ammer Stria Forged Processing 


Soft Weight,

Sharp and Durable, 

Super Anti-rust

 Package Includes:

1 x 8-inch Chef Knife

1 x 5-inch Utility Knife


  1. Please keep it away from children.
  2. Please don't keep the edge and point of knife aim to people.
  3. Please don't catch the knife by hand when the knife drops down.
  4. Please clean and dry the knife after using, and place it to the dry place.
  5. The blade is very sharp; please don't use your finger to test the knife sharpness.

6.Please don't use the knife to cut bone, frozen meat and other hard things.