Qing Damascus, Wood Handle Kitchen Knives Set

Qing Damascus, Wood Handle Kitchen Knives Set

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Brand: Qing

Product Name: Damascus Steel Knife

Blade Material: 67 Layers Damascus Steel Blade

Handle Material: High Quality Color Wood Handle, use for a long time not to distort, not to shrink and not fade

Strong Hardness: 58-60HR

Craft: Traditional Forged Processing 

Package includes:

  • 8'' Chef knife - Weight-205g, Blade Length-195mm, knife Length-329mm, Blade Thickness-2.0mm
  • 8'' Slicing knife - Weight-178g, Blade Length-204mm, knife Length-334mm, Blade Thickness-2.0mm
  • 7" Santoku knife - Weight-198g, Blade Length-180mm, knife Length-313mm, Blade Thickness-2.0mm
  • 5" Utility knife- Weight-86g, Blade Length-124mm, knife Length-241mm, Blade Thickness-1.8mm
  • 5'' Paring knife - Weight-82g, Blade Length-90mm, knife Length-205mm, Blade Thickness-1.8mm


  1. Please place the knife away from the place that kids can reach.
  2. Please clean and dry the knife after using, and place it at dry place or device.
  3. The blade is very sharp, please do not use fingers to test its sharpness.
  4. Please do not keep the blade edge forward anybody or point to people.
  5. Please do not catch the knife by hand when the knife drops down.
  6. Please do not use the knife to cut bone, frozen meat or any other hard stuff.

Please note:

1. Due to different measurement methods, the size, colour and weight of the product may vary
2.Suitable for use in the dishwasher


Keep it away from children.