Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Holder

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Brand Name: Creative

Material: stainless steel

Total length: Approx. 23.2cm

Width: Approx. 10cm

Thickness: Approx. 10mm

Weight: Approx. 0.614kg

Package Includes:

1 X stainless steel universal Knife block


·         Has a weighted bottom designed to not be top heavy or prone to falling over,

·         Knife block is suitable for near all types of knives, including; pairing knife, vegetable knife, small cooks knife, bread knife, carving knife, steak knife and chef knife. .No More Guessing

·         No longer do you have to play a game of “trial and error” hoping your knife fits in the first hole you try in your traditional knife block.universal knife block saves you time and makes it as easy as 123. Pick up your knife. Slide it in any slit. Move on your merry way.

·         The knife block utilizes a unique dual layer wave-slot design that allows knives to easily slide in and out, but as the knife slides down through the waves they grab the knives creating a perfect snug fit to protect the blades from scratches and to keep your knives secure.

Easy to Clean

·         Have you ever wondered how you could clean traditional knife blocks and what might be in those uncleaned knife slits? Well, with this kitchen knife block and it's design, running it under water easily cleans it, the water and any nastiness flows right out of the inlet at the bottom.

·         Gain More Counter Space

Please note:

1.Due to different measurement methods, the size, colour and weight of the product may have a slight error.