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Victorinox 6" Wide Blade Boning Knife

Victorinox 6" Wide Blade Boning Knife

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Brand Name: Victorinox

Blade Material: Martensitic stainless steel

Handle Material: Fibrox, non-slip

Blade length: 15cm

Weight: Approx: 100g

Package Includes:

1x Wide curved Blade Boning Knife

Uses: Boning, Filleting and trimming.


Commercial quality and assured edge retention are non-negotiable factors for chefs, butchers and serious home cooks so this wide blade 15cm boning knife is the obvious choice for boning, filleting and a variety of other cutting tasks. The correct blade hardness and laser tested cutting angle of this outstanding wide knife together with the skid resistant grip of the ergonomically designed Fibrox handle is a reliable and proven combination.

You can rely on the Victorinox brand to provide the highest quality knives for the kitchen as well as outdoors.