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XYj Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

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Brand Name: XYj
Material: Stainless steel magnet
Package Variants:
191x34mm magnetic strip
300x35mm magnetic strip
333x33mm magnetic strip
445x45mm Thanos magnetic plate
This amazing magnetic knife bar grips securely, yet easily release knives, kitchen gadgets and tools. It is a compact, convenient and practical holder, Perfect for kitchen, workshop or garage. The magnetic storage strip can be affixed to any wall for immediate access, whether over a built-in cutting board or close to the oven.
While stowing knives in drawers may lead to accidental cuts and scrapes to both user hands and knives while fumbling for a particular blade, the strip keeps knives visible and separate through the attraction between the magnet and the blade's material.

Installs easily with screws provided.